Welcome to Syöte’s summer, where adventures await and memories are made. Our summer services transport you to enchanting landscapes in Syöte National Park, where nature invites you to explore and enjoy.

Experience the fascinating power of Pärjänjoki on a rivertubing trip. Or maybe you want to immerse yourself in peace and beauty by paddling in the clear waters of Lake Naamanka, where time slows down and your mind rests.

Fishing, huskies, the magic of saunas and peat care – all this and more await you at Syöte. Welcome to experience summer to the fullest, full of adventure and magic. We look forward to sharing unforgettable moments with you in this wonderful nature.


Canoening lake Naamanka       

See our beautiful nature of Syöte with fjells from different perspective. Enjoy snacks and drink by the lake.

price 70€/person, duration 2,5 h, 4-24 persons ,

(including quide services, lifevest, indian canoe, paddles, snacks)


Canoening river Pärjänjoki   

Enjoy the beautiful nature by canoening on wild River Pärjänjoki.

price 105€/person, duration 4-5h, 4-24 persons

(including quide services, lifevest, indian canoe, paddles, snacks)



Go with the flow! Paddle down for about five kilometers in wild River Pärjänjoki with silent rivertube.

Price 80€/person Duration 2,5h 4-12 persons (including quiding, wetsuit, vest, helmet, transfer)

In all water programmes swimming skills required


Guided fishing

Fishing about 2-3 hour, price 55€/person             

Fishing day about 5-6hours, price 95€/person             

(license included to our prices, local local lisence, coverment lisence. Transfers for extra price)


Huskyfarm visit

Meet our lovely huskies at their home.

our price 10e/person , 1 h (for extra price transfer )


Guide services

50€ /hour 



Sauna peat-treatment

in Romesuvanto wilderness camp

price 50€/person ,1-2h  (for extra price towels, ”sauna-food” and drinks),4-8 persons


Guided forest relaxation

– ”breathing with trees” 50€/person

(relaxation, streching)price 50€/person,  1-2 h , 4-10 person