The sustainability of Syötteen Eräpalvelut is based on well-being. The fundamental principle of our operations is that dogs, humans, and nature thrive together. Syötteen Eräpalvelut is a family business owned by Jonna and Janne Määttä, which has been offering experiences in Syöte since 2010.

Animal welfare is a matter of the heart.

Our dog family consists of nearly 100 dogs. Their well-being is carefully taken care of.

  • Dogs have resting periods to ensure they get enough rest. Time is spent with the dogs, including petting and playing.
  • Even retired dogs live at home until the end of their lives – they stay in the family because they are the best companions.
  • The dogs’ kennel area was renovated 2015-2016 to be safe and healthy between.
  • We also act as a refuge for dogs that have come from challenging situations. We have received 12 dogs through animal protection society.
  • The well-being of the dogs is well-defined, and our practices are shared with customers. We are happy to provide more information!

Genuinely local

  • Our food is pure and local. We offer homemade traditional dishes and local products such as reindeer, mushrooms, berries, and potatoes. The drinking water is clear and fresh!
  • We actively collaborate with the local community to develop Syöte and we use services from other local businesses.
  • We sponsor various youth and children’s sports and well-being activities in the area. We want to spread goodness!

Respecting the environment

  • We aim to utilize all opportunities for recycling, and sustainability is considered in all our purchases and product usage. New items are thoughtfully acquired, and old ones are used for as long as possible. Durable dishes are used for serving; disposable items are not used.
  • We reduce energy consumption. From 2020 to 2022, we installed air heat pumps in all three of our buildings with indoor heating.
  • We respect our valuable nature. For example, trails are created using snowmobiles in a way that leaves no trace on the terrain (considering snow conditions). Trails are pre-determined and planned. We provide guidance to customers and partners on trail usage and responsible behavior in the natural environment.
  • The core of our operations focuses on promoting the health benefits of the natural environment: activities take place in nature, and well-being treatments like peat saunas draw well-being from nature.

We continuously develop our operations to become more responsible and adopt new practices. We are participating in the Sustainable Travel Finland development path.